Spectacular eagle and vulture show

Whatever your outdoor event, keep your visitors enthralled with an exciting show featuring unique Birds of Prey including Eagles, Vultures and Owls.

The original Eagle & Vulture Show combines an amusing and educational commentary, with a sensational flying display from a selection of beautiful and unusual birds, together with plenty of audience participation. Chris O’Donnell and his feathery friends are guaranteed to entertain and amuse any audience.

  • Ernie the Milky Eagle Owl, as he gets to grips with learning how to fly.
  • Batty, the Bateleur Eagle, as he takes to the air on unsteady wings and learns to soar through the skies.
  • Dyson the Ruppell’s Griffon Vulture who is guaranteed to raise a smile from the audience with his comedy antics.
  • Sidney the Bald Eagle, who is master of the skies as he soars effortlessly around the showground, in a truly memorable display.

The hawk experience show

Also available is the Hawk Experience Show. This is a breathtaking demonstration of falconry at its best. It has a similar format to the Eagle & Vulture Show, comprising Hawks, Falcons, Owls and the splendour of a soaring Eagle, with commentary and a strong emphasis on audience participation.

Both shows can be tailored to suit your specific requirements, and a static display is available as part of the package. For more information call Chris O’Donnell on 01729 860316 or email hawk experience.