About us

At Hawk Experience, we have been flying Birds of Prey professionally for over 40 years. We have appeared at various county shows, fetes and galas nationwide, with the original Eagle & Vulture Show, and now can be seen performing "The Falconer's Quest" at Warwick Castle from April to November.

Nestled in a beautiful valley in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales, Brackenbottom is home to our Falconry Centre and is the perfect place for you to get to know our spectacular Birds of Prey.

Throughout Spring, Summer and Autum, our team of Birds of Prey enthrall visitors at Warwick Castle, Britain’s Ultimate Castle! Our Eagles and Vultures soar and glide around the Castle and the beautiful River Avon during their exciting twice-daily shows. During the Winter, our birds reside at our home in Brackenbottom, North Yorkshire where we offer various Birds of Prey experiences.

Falconers Quest